Welcome to Lab Pastoe!

Lab Pastoe is a material experimentation space at HKU location Pastoe Fabriek.
Lab Pastoe offers techniques such as laser cutting, knitting, sewing, electronics, 3D printing and 3D scanning, silkscreening, riso printing, traditional printmaking and the fabrication of biomaterials. Our lab technicians stimulate experimentation and research, advise on production processes, sustainable materials and tools, and link you to the other workshops on the city campus if you need to make larger or more specialized work, or when you want to up your production. Together with students, teachers and technicians, Lab is working on a collection of tutorials, materials, operations and recipes of which this cookbook is an integral part. Are you missing anything? Please let us know!
Book us: werkplaatsen.hku.nl Visit us: HKU Pastoe Fabriek, Rotsoord 3 Utrecht, room PT0.08 Call us: 030-2091490 Email us: [email protected] Follow us on Instagram or Pinterest
Last modified 2yr ago