Sustainable materials elsewhere

Here we share commercial and non-commercial initiatives we come across, offering or developing promising sustainable materials for art and design practices. Your suggestions are welcome!
Lucrative Dumpster Dives (LDD) has been on a mission to transform the art and cultural sector into a sustainable circular economy, since 2017. The foundation runs a series of Art Swap Shops at HKU locations Pastoe Fabriek, Oudenoord and IBB, but also at De Nijverheid, to circulate rest materials to and from artists, makers, students, art institutions and festivals.
Buurman Utrecht is a workshop and hardware store for the reuse of materials. What was once waste is given a second life by Buurman, contributing to a sustainable world in which we use our raw materials more logically. But they also help a new generation of makers on their way with workshops s.a. woodworking or furniture building. Click here to see what's in their store right now!
Pyrasied recycled acryllics offers a whole range of beautiful surface material created from left over acryllic bits and plastic waste. They can offer a recycled variant of each regularly available color, but also create terrazzo and marbled sheets. is the sustainable sibling of, which develops new biomaterials from elephantgrass or sugar cane, as well as recycles used and waste products. We have a selection of samplest at Lab, come check out the "Vibers" material for instance, which bends and lasercuts quite well.